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Lip Repairing Combo


Our lip repairing combo was formulated for people who are suffering from lip discoloration, chapped, sore and sun burned lips.

It consists of the following products:

1. Luxe Advanced Lip Scrub which was formulated using botanicals, natural butters, natural oils and organic sugar.

It was formulated to help remove the dead skin cells and to restore your lips natural color.

Exfoliate 2 times a week for maximum benefits.

2. The Turmeric And Citrus Lip Balm (REPAIRING LIP BALM) was formulated with one thing in mind… Repairing and brightening the lips, bringing out its natural and beautiful texture.

This lip balm was formulated using natural botanicals, natural oils and natural butters and it is your night time balm.

Use Once or twice at night for maximum benefits.

3. The Mulberry And Pomegranate Lip balm (PROTECTING LIP BALM) is your day time balm which was formulated using botanicals, natural butters and natural oils that will help protect your lips from further sun burn.

During winter it will protect your lips by keeping it smooth and moisturized, which will prevent any cracks and dryness from taking place.

Used 3-4 times a day for maximum benefits.

Keep out of reach of children.

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