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Healing Women Using Alternative Remedies

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As a company that offers a wide range of alternative/holistic products, choosing products can be tricky for someone who wants to start their healing journey.

At Yoni Steaming SA, we understand what you are going through as an individual and we would like ease your load as much as possible. Being ill or struggling to conceive can take its toll on anyone, but be rest assured that we are here to hold your hand throughout your journey.

We focus specifically on women and their bodies as a whole. We use holistic methods or medicines to help relieve women from pains that are mostly caused by their lifestyles, things they consume, the environment they live in and other unexplained causes.

At Yoni Steaming SA our purpose is to heal and nurture women’s Yoni health.

Our aim is to provide women with natural and safe methods of treating certain conditions such as hormone imbalance. We offer a range of holistic medicines and our products are not made for every woman.

These products include vaginal steaming herbs, womb cleanse products and much much more.

We are a subsidiary or a division of Wellness Clique SA PTY Ltd. We’re located in the heart of Polokwane and in Johannesburg.

Consultations are free and can be made via email, telephonically, one on one or via WhatsApp (click on the icon on the bottom left of this website).

Meet our Operations Manager – Tashinga…

Meet our bubbly, ever smiling yet professional manager.

Tash has been with the company for a few years and she has mastered the art of assisting women from all walks of life.

She has been trained in depth and she knows everything about our products and she also excels when it comes to rendering the best service to our clients.

She is based at our Johannesburg branch and she is in charge of consultations and all the day to day operations of our store.

She is your go to person when you feel overwhelmed and need a shoulder to cry on.

Unlike the CEO, Tash is always available during working hours.

To get in touch with her simply contact 065 292 1541 or email

Our Three Branches

Yoni Steaming SA Johannesburg Branch
Yoni Steaming SA Johannesburg Branch
Yoni Steaming SA Polokwane Branch
Yoni Steaming SA Polokwane Branch
Yoni Steaming SA Pretoria Branch

Steps you can take now…

    The Yoni Steaming SA sales team is available from Monday-Saturday at 08:30-17:00.
    To consult or enquire simply WhatsApp Or Contact 065 292 1541 and ask to speak with a consultant.
    When consulting, please provide the consultant with your medical history and do not leave anything out, because every detail matters.
    We are here to assist you and under no circumstances will you be judged, so we urge you to be as open and honest as possible when you are consulting.
    Depending on your explanation, the consultant might request more information or she can dive in and make a recommendation that will suit your needs.
    After your consultation, the consultant will provide you with a link that will redirect you to our online store, and that is where you will order your products.
    Once you have ordered the recommended products, all that is left is for us to process, package and dispatch your order and for delivery to take place.
    After your order has been dispatched, a tracking number will be sent to you via SMS or EMAIL. Our delivery time frame is normally 2-4 working days depending on your area.
    Once your package has been delivered, please open it and read through the instructions, and if there is something that you do not understand, feel free to reach out to the Yoni Steaming SA team via WhatsApp, Email or Telephonically.
    There isn’t much to expect other than the changes that your body might go through. Remember, each and every individual is unique and their journey is just as different.
    We always encourage our clients to embrace the changes and to reach out to us should they need help with something.

Lastly, please do not go through this journey alone, please keep in touch and ask us as many questions as possible.

Our doors are always open and we are here to walk with you throughout this journey of healing.

Sending LOVE AND LIGHT Your way.
Fortunate– CEO and Head Of Production


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