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Best quality Yoni Steaming Products in South Africa. We care about your well-being.

How Yoni Steaming Products Can Help You

We don’t just sell you Yoni Steaming Products. We care, we consult and we guide you to the best solution for your specific needs. Every person is unique and needs slightly different products to assist. So take advantage of our free WhatsApp consultation to get you going in the right direction on your journey to healing and better health. Our range of natural products may assist you in the following three areas…


Yoni Steaming SA uses natural herbs which are derived from nature and possess the most powerful healing effects.


Yoni Steaming SA focuses specifically on women & their bodies as a whole, using holistic treatment to relieve pains.


Yoni Steaming SA uses holistic medicines which improves the functionality of the body & restores balance.

Best Selling Combos

Our Yoni Product Combos are most popular with our customers because they work well together and save you some money compared to if you were to buy them individually. If you’re unsure about which one to select please contact us for a free consultation. Our customers really appreciate the consultation because it helps them especially if they are looking for a hormone imbalance supplement.

Select a Category

We currently offer 6 categories at this stage. Yoni Steaming Product Combos, Yoni Herbal Teas, Yoni Herbal Capsules, Yoni Herbal Drops, Yoni Skincare/Body care and Other Products. We offer these various options to cater for different customers. You may prefer liquid drops over capsules or prefer a tea form. Whichever format you prefer you can select what’s best for you. We primarily focus on products for vaginal steaming products but also cater to men’s health too.

Herbal Combos

Save money and get better results with our carefully selected combos and hormonal balance supplements.

Herbal Teas

Organically grown yoni herbs & teas that may assist you with certain healthy challenges and concerns.

Herbal Capsules

Includes our range of products that may help with Fertility and other hormonal balance supplements.

Herbal Drops

Our herbs distilled into a tincture/drop form for easy and simple consumption.

Skincare/Body Care

Use steaming to improve the health and radiance of your skin.

Other Products

We offer other natural products for which aid your well being.

Client Reviews

We have many positive reviews!

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