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Yoni Steaming SA (a subsidiary of Indian Walnut SA (Pty) Ltd) assumes no risk or responsibility for any harm that may be caused by our products.

Clients have 3 working days (after receiving the order) to bring forward any complaints regarding an incomplete or damage products. Any complaint brought forward after the 3 working day period will not be processed. It also remains the sole responsibility of the client to bring forward the complaint(s). The client accepts that he/she drinks the products at her own risk.

Our products have NOT been reviewed by the MCC and they’re not meant to cure, prevent or heal any illnesses.

Please note that it remains the client’s responsibility to disclose any illnesses that they have and to also disclose any form of medication they are on. The following contraindications are not to be ignored.

Our Products May Not Be Used By:

  • Women who are on their periods. (Applies to Steaming Only)
  • Women who are on chronic medication.
  • Women suffering from spontaneous bleeding. (Applies to Steaming Only)
  • Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
  • Women who suffer from low blood related illnesses.
  • Women with high blood and sugar diabetes. (strict monitoring)
  • Women who had their tubes tied. (Cannot Steam)
  • Women who had rods inserted as some form of birth control. (cannot steam)
  • Women who active infections. (Cannot steam)
  • Women who are on strong antibiotics or some form of medication
  • Women who recently had some form of operation performed.
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