She Is Royalty Combo


Introducing our “SHE IS ROYALTY” COMBO.

Want to REINTRODUCE yourself in your relationship/marriage/situationship? Look no further.


When I started with the formulation of this combo 5 months ago, the idea was to formulate something for both men and women from all walks of life.

This combo is basically the mother of all our pleasure products… The S&T combo + normal Sweetener has got nothing on this combo.

Formulated using A Grade herbs, this combo will ensure that that both you and your partner enjoy each other’s company in ways that cannot be explained.

This right here is your lubrication plug, squirting plug and your happily ever after plug.

Imagine yourself being ontop without having to complain about your waist being painful…. Energy boosting properties are galore here…. You can literally ride the horn all day long.

The PUSSY PLUG POWDER will not only upgrade your pussy game, it will cleanse it thoroughly while it focuses on your Yoni walls.

Enjoy the ECSTACY POWDER with your partner and experience hardness like never before.

The Yoni Sweetener is also a limited edition (a upgrade to our new Sweetener) and it can be used by both genders.

This combo is to be used once or twice weekly.



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