Menopause Support Combo


Menopause is a natural decline of reproductive hormones which is common amongst women who are in the age range of 40

It is not a sickness but a way of life. It has unpleasant side effects which includes hot flashes, yoni dryness, fatigue, excessive sweating and pain.

Our combo was formulated to help women who are struggling from premenopausal symptoms and women who are struggling with menopause.

The combo will over some form of relief from the symptoms or side effects. It will help mostly with the excessive sweating and dryness.

Menopause Support Combo

is also suitable for young women who are suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure and as a result, cannot conceive.


Avoid using this combo if you are-

– Pregnant

– Breastfeeding

– Using Antibiotics

This combo consists of the following:

Hormonal Tea, Womb Drops and The Menopause Tea

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Natural menopause treatments that really work


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