Mellow Facial Cleanser 60ml


Our Mellow Facial Cleanser was formulated for people with acne prone skin and hyperpigmentation.

When formulating this Cleanser we used higher Grade cosmetic ingredients as we wanted the product to provide visible results within the first 2 weeks of using it.

One of our key ingredient include Vitamin B3 which help fade hyperpigmentation and prevent further dark spots from reoccurring.

It is ideal for oily skin, blemished skin and people with with combination skin texture.

Our Cleanser is mild in nature and it is pH adjusted.

When cleansing your face, do not live it on for more than 20 seconds, rinse it off with luke warm water after applying it in circular motion.

The Cleanser is foamy in nature and it gets the job done without striping off the natural oils from your face.

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Mellow Facial Cleanser 60ml
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