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Abortion And Miscarriage Tea


Our tea is suitable for women who:

1. Had a miscarriage

2. Had an abortion(s) in the past.

3. Cannot carry a child to full term.

4. Women With a weak/thi uterus lining

5. Women who have treated multiple STIs and as a result, cannot conceive.

Abortions weakens the uterus lining, making it difficult for women to carry their pregnancies to full term.

The uterus requires support as it centres itself in the pelvis after an abortion, or after you have suffered a miscarriage.

This blend of tea will help strengthen your uterus and repair the lining of the uterus.

It works as a powerful tool when it comes to supporting and healing the uterus.


If you struggling with womb related issues, this definitely your tea.

Directions and recommended usage:

Use this tea alone for 8-16 consecutive days depending on the recommendation.

500ml- 1 litres a day is the daily recommended intake.

Abortion: 2 packs ( 16 days)

Miscarriage: 2 packs (16 days)

Thin Uterus Lining 4 packs (16 consecutive days, followed by another 16 consecutive days after a 10 days rest inbetween).

STIs: 2 packs (16 days)

Reoccurring yeast infections/ bacterial vaginosis: 2 pack (16 days) and 3 packs in severe cases.

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Miscarriage and Abortion Tea


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Abortion And Miscarriage Tea
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